Dry Cough: Common Causes and Effective Cures

Dry Cough:  Causes and Effective



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What causes a Dry Cough: Common causes of dry coughs

     Coughs are uncomfortable and annoying, especially if they persist for long periods of time. A cough that does not produce or expectorate any mucous during the coughing spells is known as a dry cough or unproductive cough.  Coughing is a normal process of the body in an effort to expel foreign object from within.  That being said, there are plenty causes that will incite nagging coughs.

 Dry Cough Causes.

     There are many reasons for an ongoing persistent cough, so it’s important to monitor the cough and if it persist or it is present with associated symptoms like a fever/chills, swollen neck, white pustules in the mouth or back of  your throat. Anything that is out of the ordinary you should consult a doctor just to be on the safe side. There are lots of factors that can start a dry cough, from a basic allergy  to a Upper respiratory tract infection or your run of the mill dry throat. We have listed some of the common causes of dry coughs.


Allergies:  Allergies are most often associated with itchy rashes, watery swollen eyes and sneezing, A large majority of allergy sufferers complain of a dry unproductive cough. The thinking behind this is that the postnasal drip irritates the throat and causes the cough reflex.

Viral infections: In the beginning a viral infection can cause a dry cough, but as the infection grows the cough gradually becomes productive associated with other signs and symptoms such as high fever, head and body aches. If an infection is suspected please contact a physician immediately.

Asthma: Asthmatics often experience chronic unproductive coughs Sometimes that can come on day or night, after exercise, cold weather or with exposure to allergens ie pollen etc. With asthmatics sometimes this cough is associated with shortness of breath, wheezing and tightness of the chest. Other times, people just complain about a persistent dry cough that does not produce any mucous. Physicians can diagnose asthma by taking a good history listening to your symptoms in conjunction with pulmonary function testing.

Climate conditions: changing weather or climate patters can bring on dry coughing spells. Warm Dry air with low humidity will sometimes  cause irritation within the mouth and throat due to the mucous membranes drying out.

Medicines: Certain types or classes of medications can also cause nagging dry coughs. Specific types of medications to treat High blood-pressure have been known to have side-effects that incite  unproductive coughing spells, so review your medications with your Dr. if you think your medication are to blame for your dry throat, dry cough.

Diseases: Dry non-mucous producing coughs can also be an indicator of some diseases such as lung cancer, Tb (tuberculosis) or pneumonia. With these diseases there are a variety of other symptoms ranging from shortness of breath, Tired, chronic pain, weight loss and decreased appetite.

Smoking: Smoking cigarettes caused dry throats and coughs because of two reasons mainly, 10 is that you are inhaling noxious chemicals that are foreign and harmful to the body. The chemicals cause an irritation of the throat and airways, this irritation causes the cough. still with number 1 the chemical kill or paralyze the tiny hairs along your upper airways and decreases there ability to expel foreign materials causing a build up of phlegm that eventually over time is coughed up. 2) inhaling dry hot air quickly dries the airway out and causes a reflex cough. There are a lot of other reasons and mechanisms that cause smokers to have dry cough that we will not cover them all here but we may in a later article.P

Gastroesophageal Reflex Disease (GERD): Acid reflux or GERD is when stomach acid backs up or “splashes” up the esophagus and into the posterior throat area. When the acid reaches the throat area some of the acid will affect the trachea causing a reactive airways the body senses the acid being introduced into the airways and tries to cough to expel the foreign substance.


dry throat

This diagram shows the area of pain associated with dry throat


  Effective Remedies for dry cough.

     If a cough persists for more than 7 days, it would be wise to consult a doctor. In this day and age there are so many treatment options be it home remedies, natural herbs or over the counter medications, all that cure different types of coughs and dry throats. Getting an accurate diagnosis is needed to fully understand its causes and the treatment options that best suit the cause.

     There are an incredible number of great  home-remedies to cure nagging coughs. A common cure or remedy is to mix honey and turmeric together in warm water. Ginger is said to be an effective cure for dry coughs that happen at night.




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